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Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Tue Mar 16 17:12:26 UTC 2004

Bjørn Nordbø wrote:

>[I tried to subscribe to the mailing list in order to post the following,
> but for some reason the confirmation mail never reaches me.]
Try emailing admin at common-lisp.net. Support is excellent.

>>...is about to happen, but I do not want to give it away. Hint: I got
>>into this because I decided the Cello web page needs an animated GIF,
>>not screen shots.
>I guess that means the page won't be ready in the foerseeable future? :-)
Smart guess. :) But I really do hope to do it today. Draft of some 
random text is attached. Hope you can read RTF. If not I will send it as 
plain text. Maybe you can help me refine it...what can I leave out, what 
more would you liek to know?

>In that case, I'll stop lurking waiting for the page and rather ask some
>questions here...
>- What *is* Cello about, really?  Is it a GUI, a GUI toolkit, a 3D took-
>  kit or all of the above?  Text will do as an answer, I suppose.
All of the above? It is not like some GUIs where you get a fixed 
framework you have to learn and live with, although it will offer as 
much out-of-the-box productivity as those. Cello is just way more 
flexible. Once people see the source for my widgets they will get the 
idea and probably invent their own (in typical Lisp fashion).

>- I only have access to SBCL/CMUCL on Linux or Lispworks on Solaris; are
>  there any hope of getting something to work with a moderate amount of
>  work?
Absolutely. It already runs on ACL/win32, LW/win32, and ACL/Linux. You 
need recent patches to CMUCL/SBCL to handle callbacks from C into Lisp. 
See if you can get on the mailing list (which I will CC on this message) 
where a few folks are puttering around with cmucl/sbcl. (Not much news 
lately, tho, so it might be your turn at the plate.)

>I had some vague idea about making some funky 3D GUI using Glut and Common
>Lisp a few months ago, but it faded before any code was written.  This is
>why I'm interested in the Cello project..
Well it's working like a charm so far. Just gotta do more widgets and 
then it is up to others to do more ports. I will eventually do an LW/OSX 
port if no one else does. Right now I am stalled because I am having fun 
creating a killer new capability for Cello. I guess I am easily 
distracted. :)



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