[cello-devel] Re: Cello

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Thu Mar 11 01:43:21 UTC 2004

Thomas F. Burdick wrote:

>I checked this on Darwin (Linux box is in storage), and I just
>confirmed over here that your test works on SBCL, and CMUCL (minus
Sounds encouraging since callbacks are my biggest worry, esp. with Frank 
having nailed Cello+Linux. SBCL+CMUCL on Darwin and Linux would be four 
squares in the grid and pretty much settle the portability question. 
Then the question is, How solid is Freeglut (and can the hog be tamed)? 
Then I just have to grind out the rest of the basic widgets and I think 
Cello can fairly be called a universal/portable CL gui. Scary thought.

Thanks to all for poking away at the Linux/SBCL/CMUCL/OSX variants.



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