[cello-devel] Success ! See my screenshots!

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 18:20:56 UTC 2004

Frank Goenninger wrote:

>Hi all:
>I wanted to let you know that this is the first time I really have a 
>running CELLO (based on PortaCello 2.0) with animation and all...
Fantastic. Thanks so much for pulling this off. Did the light-panel demo 
work? That does not challenge the system further (famous last words) but 
it is fun. I plan to show it off at the Lisp NYC meeting tonight.

Did you run into any nasty technical problems? I am sure the hard-coded 
paths and fonts continue to be an aggravation. Thomas mentioned he had 
moved that stuff into a config file, which would certainly help by 
giving folks one place to go to make changes. A nice enhancement on top 
of that would be to tackle the insane world of logical pathnames so that 
the config file has a bare minimum of entries. But logicals would be 
gravy and maybe not worth the pain and suffering.

>See my attached screenshots!
>Next step now is to settle on a bullet-proof integration process for
>all the changes I and all you others have done. 
>Any ideas anyone?
Do you mean: how do we combine our three (Frank, Thomas, and Ken) code 
branches? If so, all I have ever used is a manual process facilitated by 
a brilliant source code comparison bit of shareware called BeyondCompare 
on win32. You could send me a GZ and I can see if it still works for my 
two environments, (and win32 (or acl lw)). Fix as necessary, send back 
to you, etc etc etc.

Tedious, right? Would CVS work better? That way you could upload to CVS, 
then I could download and patch as necessary, then you could update and 
test, patching. Similar process, but more convenient and with an audit 
trail etc etc.

> Should I come up with something?

Yes, that would help a lot. I am dying over here trying to really master 
OpenGL coordinate transformations once and for all. Well, not dying, I 
am actually starting to get a grip on the thing, but right now I am 
lucky to get a square to appear so I kinda have my head down on this.

Congrats again, and I am celebrating again tonight. :)



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