[cello-devel] Weird "Illegal argument to namestring: NIL" error...

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 7 23:12:23 UTC 2004

Frank Goenninger wrote:

>Hi all:
>Almost back to where I was, but now with PortaCello 2.0. I get the
>following error:
>0> demos | :=> (FT-JPG)
>Error: Illegal argument to namestring: NIL.
>  [condition type: TYPE-ERROR]
>The top of the stack is:
>Evaluation stack:
>I can trace this down to the fact that the function
>`mgk:wand-ensure-typed# shouldn't be called with NIL as filename
>parameter. Question now is: where does this go wrong???
>Thx for any hints!
In cello-test.lisp you will find:

    :skin  (c? (wand-ensure-typed 'wand-pixels
                     (car (md-value (fm-other :texture-picker)))))

:texture-picker is the md-name of a radio group of textures, whose 
md-value is the currently selected picture (in a list of one for some 
reason I forget). I either forced it to start at (cv nil) instead of (cv 
(car <jpegs found>)) or :texture-picker found no JPEGs and (car 
nil)->nil. Look for the latter code in a snippet like this (I have been 
moving code around some more so don't want to assume where it is for you):

(let ((jpegs (directory "/dvx/texture/*.jpg")))
                (mkPart :texture-picker (CTRadioRow)
                  :spacing (uPts 4)
                  :md-value (cv (list (car jpegs)))
                  :clipped nil
                  :kids (c? (mapcar (lambda (p) ......

If your line is ":md-value (cv nil)", that is the immediate problem. As 
I said, the other possibility is that you are finding no JPEGs.

The other fix is simply:

  (defun wand-ensure-typed (wand-type file-path$)
      (when file-path$...etc

which I added over here recently.

 hey, thx for diving in again on the port.


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