[Bese-devel] AJAX teaser

Hoan Ton-That hoan at ton-that.org
Mon Jan 23 10:19:33 UTC 2006

Hey everybody,

If you want to see what can be done with UCW and AJAX see

These macros allow us to execute actions on the server side,
and reload the changes on the client side.  They were written
to be as similar as possible to the <ucw macros.  Unlike <ucw
macros, actions can be attached to multiple DOM events and
can be used with callbacks.

This makes it really easy to pick and choose where to use AJAX
without much development overhead.

The corresponding source code to the above example can be found at

At the moment, the implementation isn't quite there yet.
Some things are still not implemented yet like back-button
support, updating every single component that has changed
(not just the current place), and many other things.

Check the public repository around the end of the month,
and you might find a late Christmas present.  :)

I know that Drew and probably many others are working on something similar.
I'd like to see everyone else's approaches too.  And please comment.


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