[Bese-devel] UCW 0.3.4 - learning to climb up trees

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Tue Dec 7 17:10:42 UTC 2004

UnCommon Web version 0.3.4 - learning to climb up trees
Released 2004-12-07

* Home page


* Download


* Prerequisites

** Prerequisites included in the distribution

- arnesi
- yaclml
- cl-icu
- iterate
- mod_lisp

** Prerequisites you must download and install manually

- a recent CVS version of SLIME. You must have the new inspector for
  the ucw-inspector to work.
- portableaserve 1.2.35 should you want the aserve backend.

* Changes (since 0.3.3)

* Components

- A new class, simple-window-component, provides the convience
  render-on method and slots. The window-component class is now used
  for call/answer logic only. Previously these two jobs were both
  handled by the window-component class, this made template based
  window-components impossible.

- window-component now properly deals with the case where it _does_
  have a calling component. This makes call'ing window-components
  from regular actions meaningfull.

- range-view component has new cleaner api. variosu bugs and
  off-by-one errors have been fixed.

* Component Rendering 

- User errors during the rendering phase are now properly dealt with
  (iow they don't cause an internal server error).

- *print-level*, *print-length* and now set to low values when
   printing the backtrace (this avoids 500Kb backtrace pages). The
   entire data structure is still availabe by inspecting the objects.

- template-component-environment now uses nconc method combination.

* Component Control Flow

- CALL and ANSWER can now be used in defentry-point with the
  "expected" semantics. The only restriction is that the called
  components must be subclasse of window-component.


- session frames are now stored in a hash table and are never
  removed. this change is required to support window cloning (whethere
  this change should be appiled globally or a sub class of
  standard-session-frame should be created is still up for debate).

- Errors during find-application now show an error page instead of
  killing the server.

* Other

- Created a new ucwctl script which, once properly edited for the
  site, can be used in /etc/init.d to control a ucw server.

- UCW now loads the init.lisp file. This provides a convient place to
  put site specific startup code.

- Obselete method definitions in the example app have been removed.

- A tla config has been added to the libs directory which makes
  getting arnesi et al. easier.

- A good deal of work has gone into the manual.

* Known Issues

- The transaction example does not work.

- CMUCL and SBCL have a bug in the handling of :default-initargs,
  which UCW makes heavy use of.

* Supported Platforms

OpenMCL and CMUCL (with mod_lisp) backend have been tested
throughly. SBCL and mod_lisp have been tested lightly. aserver
backend has not been tested.

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.
     -Leonard Cohen

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