[Bese-announce] UCW 0.3.2

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Sat Nov 6 16:29:53 UTC 2004

UnCommonWeb version 0.3.2 - learning to climb up bookshelves
Released 2004-11-06

[nb: this release breaks backwards compatability]

* Home page


* Download


NB: This tarball contains ucw, arnesi, yaclml, cl-icu, iterate and
mod_lisp. You'll need to install a recent CVS version of SLIME and
portableaserve 1.2.35.

* Changes (since 0.3.1)

[in no particular order]

- A new component class hierarchy (and associated API) has been
  introduced. UCW now distinguishes between window component and
  widget components and provides better support for both.

- The untested, buggy and empty documentation application has been

- The user's manual has been updated, improved and rewritten in LaTeX.

- The yaclml tags <ucw:form and <ucw:a now require an :action attribute.

- Two generic actions (ok and refresh-component) have been implementod.

- The session.value API has been improved.

- standard-application's entry-point table is now implemented as a
  hash-table, this greatly improves support for sites with many entry

- A new component class (container) has been added. It provides
  support for implementing components which manage other
  components. The container component defines various convience
  methods which simplyify the initialization and manipulation of sub

- The UCW inspector directly uses SLIME's inspector and produces
  similar output. The backtrack error pages now have inspector
  links. (as they did in UCW 0.1). Inspector anchors no longer pretty
  print the object.

- the render-on defgeneric has been moved into the protocol file where
  it should have been all along.

- render-on uses wrapping-standard method combination.

- The standard-component file has been split into multilpe files.

- Fixed mod_lisp's response object wiping

* Supported Platforms

SBCL and CMUCL have problems with :default-initargs (which UCW makes
wide use of) but otherwise work fine. OpenMCL has no known
issues. mod_lisp backend has been tested with all implementations,
aserver backend has not been tested.

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     -Leonard Cohen

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