[asdf-install-devel] Problem Report + Patch: Extraneous 0x0A byte at beginning of downloaded file stream [clisp 2.44, netbsd -current amd64]

Taylor Venable taylorvenable at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 17:46:40 UTC 2008

I've read about this in a few places on the internet but I haven't
seen a solution yet.  When I try to (asdf-install:install :cl-ppcre)
the temporary file that is downloaded into my home directory contains
an extra 0x0A byte at the beginning.  I'm thinking that perhaps
URL-CONNECTION accidentally leaves the \n part of the line-terminator
from the previous line in the stream after parsing out the headers of
the HTTP response.  Removing the first byte of the stream before
writing its contents to the file fixes the problem.

Here's a (hackish, but works for me) patch for port.lisp:

@@ -331,12 +331,14 @@
-      #+:clisp (setf (stream-element-type stream)
-                    '(unsigned-byte 8))
+      #+:clisp (progn
+                 (setf (stream-element-type stream)
+                       '(unsigned-byte 8))
+                 (read-byte stream))
       (let ((ok? nil) (o nil))

Taylor Venable

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