ASDF upgrade script fails on cmucl/Linux

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Thu Feb 14 22:15:37 UTC 2019

On 14 Feb 2019, at 4:55, Anton Vodonosov wrote:

> 13.02.2019, 01:44, "Robert Goldman" <rpgoldman at>:
>> On a happier note, both (Home)brew and Ubuntu have newish versions of
>> clisp which, AFAICT, pass all the ASDF tests. Yay!
> What newish clisp it is? I have been hoping clips will release somem 
> "refreshment" release, maybe just the same code as the previous 
> release but new ASDF.  From time to time are check the mailing list 
> and project page - no news.
> Is that OS package maintainers did anything on the package level?

I think it's the packaging managers, not the clisp maintainers who did 

On my Mac, with Homebrew, the version is:

/usr/local/Cellar/clisp/2.49_2 (64 files, 16.2MB)

According to GitHub, it was last updated 20 days ago.  I don't really 
know how up-to-date it is with the clisp repo versus the ancient zip 

On my Ubuntu Box, I have a package whose version is listed as 
`1:2.49.20170913-4build1`.  I don't know how to tell what that 
corresponds to in terms of the clisp source repo.

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