ASDF upgrade script fails on cmucl/Linux

Faré fahree at
Tue Feb 12 22:32:18 UTC 2019

I believe this is an issue with ASDF upgrade not working on CMUCL due
to CLOS issues.

The workaround is to use the install-asdf.lisp script to overwrite
CMUCL's builtin ASDF with a newer one. — Although I'm not sure whether
the script will work if ASDF can't upgrade itself.

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On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 3:51 PM Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:
> I'm getting a failure of the ASDF upgrade tests on CMUCL since the UIOP dependencies mod:
> Upgrading ASDF from version 3.1.7 to version
> TEST ABORTED: Error while trying to load definition for system test-asdf from pathname /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf-upgrade/test/test-asdf.asd: don't recognize component type :MODULE
> This looks like the key bit of the backtrace:
> 10: (ERROR
>      :NAME "test-asdf"
>      :PATHNAME #P"/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf-upgrade/test/test-asdf.asd"
> 13: (ERROR
>      :FORMAT-CONTROL "don't recognize component type ~S"
> 14: (ASDF/SESSION:SYSDEF-ERROR "don't recognize component type ~S" :MODULE)[:OPTIONAL]
>      NIL
>      (:MODULE "test-asdf" :PATHNAME NIL)
>      #<Stream for file "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf-upgrade/test/test-asdf.asd">)
>      #P"/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf-upgrade/test/test-asdf.asd"
>      #P"/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf-upgrade/test/test-asdf.asd"
>      :UTF-8)
> TBH, I'm inclined to regard 3.1.7 as so old that I don't have to think about it, but I'm open to contradiction. If I don't hear any, I'll prune that from the set of origin versions to test for upgrades, and move on.
> Best,
> R

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