POIU is bitrotten

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Jul 26 20:06:48 UTC 2018

Do I have the right remote?

rpg at rpgoldman-2: ~/lisp/poiu $ git remote get-url upstream

I just tried to pull from there and I didn't get anything new.

On 26 Jul 2018, at 11:35, Faré wrote:

> Sorry for the breakage. Completing the update of POIU to work with 
> ASDF 3.3.x
> is not high enough in my todo list to happen any time soon,
> but since you expressed interest, I pushed a few tiny fixes, but more
> importantly,
> I updated the README and the test.lisp to document how you should be 
> able
> to test it.
> Issue:
> To be able to do a differential test, you may want to try an older 
> with an older ASDF. I tested POIU 1.31.1 to work with ASDF 3.1.7,
> but using ASDF 3.1.7 may require overriding your implementation's ASDF
> using tools/install-asdf.lisp from the asdf source repository.
> Yet, you will want to use the updated test.lisp that I just posted 
> with
> instructions in the README to test that old POIU.
> For the test to work, though, I needed a patch to closer-mop:
> https://github.com/pcostanza/closer-mop/pull/10
> But the differential test will only help you to understand
> how POIU used to work with an old ASDF.
> The deeper problem is that ASDF's internals changed *a lot* since 
> 3.1.7,
> notably so as to better support multi-stage builds in 3.3.0.
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> On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 6:14 PM Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.info> 
> wrote:
>> Hi, Faré --
>> I had a look at POIU, because I thought it would be interesting to 
>> fix
>> this.  I got pretty badly bogged down, though, because there's a 
>> really
>> high barrier to entry in trying to run the tests.
>> The tests require that I have your exscribe system and its full
>> dependency tail.  I tried to collect it, but after getting down to 
>> about
>> the third level of transitive dependency, I gave up (partly this is
>> because ASDF is not helping me figure out what the full set of
>> dependencies is -- each time I grab a new dependency I may discover
>> others that are needed).
>> Would it be possible to shove the relevant git submodules into the 
>> repo?  Or somehow otherwise make the test runnable to anyone who 
>> checks
>> out the repo?
>> Thanks,
>> r
>> On 24 Jun 2018, at 12:49, Faré wrote:
>>> In case anyone cares (I suppose no one does), POIU, the parallel
>>> operator on independent units, that parallelizes compilation (but 
>>> not
>>> loading) of ASDF component, with various options regarding 
>>> determinism
>>> or non-determinism, is current bitrotten and not working on ASDF
>>>, and I disabled its functionality. I don't have the time or
>>> interest to fix it (I haven't been using CL at work for five years,
>>> and have stopped using it for new personal projects).
>>> The other option I know to parallelize a CL build is bazelisp (the
>>> Lisp support for bazel.build), which I would bet is also bitrotten,
>>> since I haven't touched it in years, either. [An earlier option I
>>> worked on, XCVB, has bitrotten long ago.]
>>> I am still available for advice in case someone wants to fix things
>>>>>> better ask before the information gets evicted to long-term storage.
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