POIU is bitrotten

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue Jul 24 22:14:39 UTC 2018

Hi, Faré --

I had a look at POIU, because I thought it would be interesting to fix 
this.  I got pretty badly bogged down, though, because there's a really 
high barrier to entry in trying to run the tests.

The tests require that I have your exscribe system and its full 
dependency tail.  I tried to collect it, but after getting down to about 
the third level of transitive dependency, I gave up (partly this is 
because ASDF is not helping me figure out what the full set of 
dependencies is -- each time I grab a new dependency I may discover 
others that are needed).

Would it be possible to shove the relevant git submodules into the POIU 
repo?  Or somehow otherwise make the test runnable to anyone who checks 
out the repo?


On 24 Jun 2018, at 12:49, Faré wrote:

> In case anyone cares (I suppose no one does), POIU, the parallel
> operator on independent units, that parallelizes compilation (but not
> loading) of ASDF component, with various options regarding determinism
> or non-determinism, is current bitrotten and not working on ASDF
>, and I disabled its functionality. I don't have the time or
> interest to fix it (I haven't been using CL at work for five years,
> and have stopped using it for new personal projects).
> The other option I know to parallelize a CL build is bazelisp (the
> Lisp support for bazel.build), which I would bet is also bitrotten,
> since I haven't touched it in years, either. [An earlier option I
> worked on, XCVB, has bitrotten long ago.]
> I am still available for advice in case someone wants to fix things 
>> better ask before the information gets evicted to long-term storage.
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