"deprecated recursive use" warning

Attila Lendvai attila at lendvai.name
Tue Jan 30 21:53:24 UTC 2018

> I haven't used CFFI in a while.

TL;DR: is this a sane fix?


and here follows the elaborate email that led me to find the above

a bit of background: it's a subsystem of CFFI that generates the CFFI
bindings from a json file, that is in turn autogenerated from the C


 1) C -> json
 2) json -> lisp (CFFI definitions)
 3) asdf compiles/loads the generated lisp file

1) requires a heavyweight infrastructure (a binary run by
run-program), so there's support to do that lazily, and just
distribute the json files generated once by the lib author.

2) is relatively lightweight, but it still requires loading a broader
scope of lisp dependencies, so there's support for the lib author to
run the generation and distribute the generated lisp file.

now, whether the generator code (extra dependencies) is needed is
decided by whether or not the generated lisp file is up-to-date.

unfortunately i cannot test it properly because of another bug/change
that i'll report in a separate thread.

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