Including uiop and not asdf in a built application

Faré fahree at
Tue Jan 16 20:35:18 UTC 2018

> :Robert
> Am I correct in thinking that Dave's way of building monolithic bundles of
> either fasls or source code are, at least potentially, a baby version of
> cross-compilation? It seems like these are interesting specifically because
> they could be loaded into different images (otherwise, it's not clear to me
> why it would be better to build a monolithic FASL than just build an image).
Indeed, (monolithic) bundles are compiled in one image, loaded in another.
Same implementation, but different image. But then, as much may apply
to regular fasls; and this matters when e.g. some #+ compilation happens
based on user-configured features.

> In that case, since this would effectively be cross-compilation (albeit a
> trivial case of it), it's not surprising that the logic for dealing with
> built-in dependencies like ASDF can go awry.

> In which case delivering with Docker might be the better approach! ;-)
Did you mean Bazel? :-)

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