Including uiop and not asdf in a built application

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Sat Jan 13 04:00:39 UTC 2018

Hi (I'm not sure who is current lead maintainer, but hopefully the group
will have some wisdom),

First of all, Happy New Year and thank you to whomever is monitoring this
list.  Your efforts are highly appreciated.

Our build process for Gendl and GDL for the past several years has involved
using monolithic-compile-bundle-op to make concatenated fasls, then loading
these fasls into an empty image to create the final build.

We do depend on (and include) uiop, but not asdf, in our final build

In order to have uiop available separately for inclusion in the
monolithic-compile-bundles, we have been putting a copy of the uiop/
directory (of the same version as the ASDF we're using) into

Some time between ASDF and ASDF 3.3.1, the function
check-not-old-asdf-system got modified to add "uiop" to the test (first
line of the function). This results (in ASDF 3.3.1) in
a same-version uiop not getting loaded at all into a
monolithic-compile-bundle, even if the system of said
monolithic-compile-bundle contains a dependency on uiop and uiop is
available in quicklisp/local-projects/.

For this reason, out-of-the-box  ASDF 3.3.1 was not working for our build
process. I have "fixed" the problem temporarily by modifying my local
asdf.lisp to remove the "uiop" from the test, i.e. I've replaced

   (or (not (member name '("asdf" "uiop") :test 'equal)) ....


   (or (not (member name '("asdf") :test 'equal)) ...

as the first line of the defun check-not-old-asdf-system.

Question: Is there a supported way to do what I'm trying to do, without
modifying the ASDF source code? Intuitively, it seems to me that we should
be able to include uiop in build products using
monolithic-compile-bundle-op, without including asdf.

My Best,

Dave Cooper, david.cooper at,
+1 248-330-2979
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