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Mon Apr 2 16:23:28 UTC 2018

On 1 Apr 2018, at 7:57, Mark Evenson wrote:

>> On Apr 1, 2018, at 14:20, Attila Lendvai <attila at> wrote:
>>> The usage of DEFSYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON to specify dependencies that will 
>>> be
>>> satisfied by QL:QUICKLOAD no longer seems to be working in 
>>> asdf-3.3.1.
>> FTR, here's the history of this issue:
> Wow!  Holy stale complications, batman!
> Robert apparently suggested something (apparently) much simpler in
> but without any commentary from Zach on that approach.
> Given asdf-3.3 is out, and recent sbcl’s ship with it, which is the 
> preferred way forward from ASDF’s perspective?

"From ASDF's perspective," this is all new to me, since it was filed as 
a bug against Quicklisp, and as far as I know, never raised as an issue 
for ASDF.  I could use some help here:

1. What's a minimal error case using `quickload` alone?
2. What's a minimal case that arises with using ASDF as the entry point? 
It seemed like there was one where if Quicklisp is up and running, and 
you use `asdf:load-system` to load a system, this can also happen.

Something I can type into a REPL verbatim is what I would like to see.

Also, sounds like though this is an issue on all lisps, not just ABCL as 
the first post suggested

Communications between ASDF and QL have been difficult since Zach 
dropped off this list (and, to be fair, I have never joined up to read 
quicklisp-devel, if there is such a thing).

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