[E] new compiler error re: SET-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Fri Oct 13 16:01:07 UTC 2017

On 12 Oct 2017, at 12:09, 73budden . wrote:

> This tracing tool should help a lot.
> I believe this tool should be supplied by asdf team. Even I begin to
> be more positive towards efforts of ASDF team to clean up all the mess
> that was in ASDF initially, but obviously society is not quite happy
> with breaking changes, so some small tool with a good manual would
> make life easier.

This will probably not happen for a while -- my work on other aspects, 
and just staying on top of bugs and testing takes most of the available 

But I think I can provide pieces of a recipe for this kind of debugging 
and if someone out there could give feedback, I will see to it that the 
recipe gets into the manual.

I think if you want to see the plan that ASDF produces to perform a 
requested operation, you should use something like:
(setf *plan* (asdf/plan:make-plan nil (make-operation 'load-op) 
(find-system "sysname")))

Then, to figure out what's happening, I would suggest
(trace asdf:operation-done-p)
...to see if ASDF is wrong about whether or not it needs to do some 

Then I would try something like tracing `PERFORM`.

I'd have to think a little about what to do if `MAKE-PLAN` gives you a 
plan you don't expect.


> Printing readtable before loading, I think, requires just a line or
> two. Dumping log of operations might be one (trace) call, so that's
> trivial for the person who knows how ASDF is organized. Writing a
> small two-paragraph addition to manual would relief a lot of pain and
> stress for all.
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