Problem with adding input files...

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Fri Jun 30 18:45:15 UTC 2017

On 6/30/17 Jun 30 -12:51 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:
> Almost there....
> Remaining problem: when I compare the (new) write time of the
> version.lisp-expr file, against the component-operation-time, they are
> equal.
> So most likely, I'm getting that time because the check is being done
> while I'm updating the component-operation-time, or the
> component-operation-time is updated at the start of computing the action
> stamp.
> So I feel very close, but am still wandering in the wilderness....

No, it turns out that there is no bug remaining, except for the limited
resolution of the time stamps.  If I put (SLEEP 2) between loading and
writing the new version.lisp-expr file, all is well.  I will tidy up a
little and push my patch.

It seems inelegant, and also I'm not very confident in how I apportioned
functions to the different ASDF component files/packages.  I don't
richly understand the dependency structure laid out in asdf.asd, so
there was a little trial and error involved in code placement.


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