Plans for ASDF 3.3

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Wed Apr 26 23:17:08 UTC 2017

On 4/26/17 Apr 26 -6:33 AM, Faré wrote:
> What more, it was a hurdle on
> the road to making a future ASDF a robust system with deterministic
> builds.

I wanted to ask about this.  Right now ASDF systems are (in general)
partially ordered.  Is it your plan to make sure there are no
implementation or state dependencies in how these partial orders are
linearized, in order to make it deterministic?

Also, I know you are interested in parallel variants of ASDF.  It seems
like this would conflict with the desire to enforce deterministic
orderings, since if you have A must be before B, C, and D, but B, C, and
D are unordered in the system definition, determinism would lead you to
want to have a deterministic algorithm for ordering B, C, and D, but
parallelism would suggest you separately compile B, C, and D in
different images (each of which would have A loaded).


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