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Thu Sep 22 15:15:42 UTC 2016

On 9/22/16 Sep 22 -9:25 AM, Stelian Ionescu wrote:
> [...]
>>> This is the problem I would most like to see solved in ASDF.
>> (defsystem "foo-test"
>>   :defsystem-depends-on ("fiveam") :depends-on ("foo")
>>   :class "fiveam-asdf:fiveam-tester-system"
>>   :components (("some-system:its-component-class" "myfile" ...) ...) ...)
>> This has been working since 2.31.4.
>> IIRC, it was Stelian who prodded me to get D-D-O working properly.
> I try to use as many ASDF features as possible and useful, and I think that you can point to iolib.asd as the golden example of current best practices.
> And yes, I had some issues with D-D-O and Fare fixed them.

I'm boggled.  I have been complaining about this issue in the past, and
I attach an email from February of this year, in which Faré clearly
implies that there is no solution to the D-D-O/package bad package
interaction issues.  See his point #3.

And now.... it's been fixed for years?  It seems like if so, even Faré
had forgotten....

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