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Faré fahree at
Tue Sep 20 01:56:14 UTC 2016

Dear Robert,

in the aftermath of my interaction with Daniel Kochmanski, I decided
that part of the problem with Daniel making wrong guesses about the
purpose of some pieces of asdf functionality was that said
functionality was insufficiently documented. So I did a pass of going
through all of asdf/defsystem and improve the documentation, moving a
few pieces of code around and renaming a few internals, leading to
merge request 24:

Along the way, I found many small bits of code that could be improved,
many pieces of obsolete or incomplete code that should be removed,
etc., which led me to write merge request 23:

I promised not to push to master anymore, so these are two merge
requests. Whichever you merge first, I can rebase the other one
afterwards (there unhappily will be small conflicts to resolve).

This gave me a few ideas on how to tackle some of the more important
bugs — I believe the biggest architectural issue is lack of proper
modeling for dependencies while loading .asd files.

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