Windows problems: moratorium continues

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Wed Sep 14 03:04:02 UTC 2016

Unfortunately, the last time I was able to run the Windows tests before
2 days ago was in mid-August.  Since then, there have been a flurry of
commits, many of which could have impacted the state of test-force.script.

Indeed, test-force.script *itself* has changed, so that, although we
call it a "regression test," we have no reason to believe that it *ever*
worked on Windows in its present form.

Unfortunately, it may take me a while to get enough bisecting done to
figure out when we jumped the rails.  I'll keep everyone posted, but in
the meantime, we should consider the repo locked against more changes.
Windows is badly broken, and we shouldn't be trying to move forward
again until we have restored function on this platform.


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