Test results

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Mon Sep 12 21:33:28 UTC 2016

I ran the tests again on all three platforms.


Unexpected test success on ecl-bytecodes (ECL 16.1.2) in this block:

;; forced, it should be later
(DBG "Check that force reloading loads again")
(setf test-package::*file3* :reset)
(load-system 'test-asdf/force :force :all)
(assert-compare (>= (get-file-stamp file1) file1-date))
(assert-equal test-package::*file3* t)

I do *not* see this on ECL non-bytecodes.  The tests here fail as before.


Allegro, ccl, ECL-bytecodes, and SBCL all fail test-force.
ECL-bytecodes also fails test-run-program.

These seem to be failing here:

(DBG "Check that require-system of touched .asd will reload the asdf.")
(DBG "(That's what it does now, but if it could be fixed that'd be nice.)")
(unset-asdf-cache-entry '(locate-system "test-asdf"))
(unset-asdf-cache-entry '(find-system "test-asdf"))
(unset-asdf-cache-entry '(find-system "test-asdf/force"))
(touch-file "test-asdf.asd" :timestamp (+ 10000 (get-file-stamp file1)))
(require-system 'test-asdf/force)
(assert-equal (asymval :*times-loaded* :test-asdf-system) 2)

Looks like *TIMES-LOADED* is evaluating to 1 instead of 2.

Anyone know why this would have changed?


Everything passes.


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