Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Sat Sep 10 02:34:06 UTC 2016

Dear Faré,

thanks for reviewing and merging these patches. I hope that the next
release of ASDF will be shipped soon, because I'm planning a next ECL
release weeks from now (I wish I'll be able to do that before the end of
September) and this change is something I want to incorporate there.

Faré writes:

> Actually, once you move the prologue-code, epilogue-code, etc., to the
> system definition where it belongs (possibly a secondary system), then
> nothing should be in the operation, and make-build becomes
> non-sensical. Just use asdf:make on the system that has the suitable
> build-operation.

It depends on how you perceive prologue/epilogue-code – if you treat is
as part of the system defined then you are right, but if you treat it as
a fixture for the system build, then it is something very sane to me.

(one such example would be creating builds with si:top-level or a swank
server for debug, and without it for release as ext:quit – it's not much
a part of the system in that case.
> Just because make-build is documented in the ECL manual doesn't make
> it sensical. It needs to be deleted, and the ECL manual amended.

As I've already mentioned, it's part of the supported API and people
rely on that. This, plus the fact that it works reliably makes it a bad
candidate for deprecation to me.
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Best regards,

P.S. as Elias suggested, I'll try next merge requests over the gitlab
platform. I'd suggest updating the documentation to refelct this (very
sane) preference.

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