clisp support [Re: Pushed ASDF fixes for CLISP, etc.]

Sam Steingold sds at
Fri Sep 2 02:57:27 UTC 2016

> * Robert Goldman <ectbyqzna at fvsg.arg> [2016-09-01 18:38:12 -0500]:
> On 9/1/16 Sep 1 -6:15 PM, Sam Steingold wrote:
>>> * Robert Goldman <ectbyqzna at fvsg.arg> [2016-09-01 12:34:11 -0500]:
>>> Even worse, AFAICT clisp does not make its version number available to
>>> the lisp context.
>> CLISP, like all the other implementations striving for ANSI CL
>> compliance, exports `lisp-implementation-version'
>> (
>> However, testing version numbers is not the best way to achieve
>> cross-release compatibility; it is much better to test for specific
>> behavior.
> True, but this is not for code -- it's for regression testing.  For
> regression-testing, I think it's fine if we say "on clisp, if the
> version is less than or equal to 2.49, disable this test."
> Until now we have just been saying "on clisp, disable this test."
> Unfortunately, since I believe that clisp in git has not been bumped
> beyond 2.49, reading LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION may not solve our problem.

lisp-implementation-version does provide the information you seek.
the released version is 2.49, the development is 2.49+.
we use hg, not git.

> Indeed, on windows, I must have binary releases, since I do not have a
> build environment for Windows.

If you wish, you can request a clisp windows binary on the clisp-devel
mailing list.

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