poiu 1.31

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Mon Oct 10 00:39:09 UTC 2016

I'm interested, but would prefer not right away.  There are a couple
more things I would like to merge before our next release, and I don't
have time to grovel over this yet.  And I think it would be good for
this to go through a longer shake-out period before we shove it out there.


On 10/9/16 Oct 9 -6:00 PM, Faré wrote:
> I was considering merging POIU into ASDF, or at least part of it:
> https://gitlab.common-lisp.net/qitab/poiu
> The part that I am really interested in merging is the plan that
> completely and correctly models the action graph based on an explicit
> graph (duh). This would be a prelude to allowing more meaningful
> queries on the build plan, but also hopefully to allowing better
> support for operate-in-operate as necessary for defsystem-depends-on
> and such.
> I just split poiu into multiple files, and added some docstrings, to
> get an idea of which part takes how much. These implement the
> aforementioned action graph (wc output), where queue would go to uiop
> (it could be stripped down a bit), and action-graph in asdf (with some
> more commenting needed):
>  123   591  4609 queue.lisp
>  186   764  8360 action-graph.lisp
> The parallelizing implementation (currently only for allegro, clisp,
> clozure, sbcl and only on unix) is this big (the first two files would
> go to uiop; the last part is the asdf-specific code and needs more
> commenting):
>  219   977  8972 fork.lisp
>  180   714  8362 background-process.lisp
>  145   533  6714 poiu.lisp
> This would have been a lot in the times of ASDF1 when ASDF was < 1000
> loc (and then, the original POIU was even larger, for it needed to
> patch ASDF that was lacking suitable interfaces). But it's not that
> much now that ASDF is >12.5kloc. We've grown a lot, yet much slower
> than Moore's Law.
> So, should I import the first part of POIU? All of it? Is there
> anything bad about compiling in a fork, when available?
> Actually, I'm thinking the forking part should probably be left in an
> extension, since it won't be used in SLIME anyway, because SLIME uses
> threads, which invalidates the forking ability of POIU.
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