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Thu Nov 17 22:41:41 UTC 2016

I believe the correct workaround to the unavoidable quoting on SBCL would
be to use CMD /C /S which should remove one layer of quoting.

But I'm not sure I have time to setup a Windows development environment at
this point (I managed to install a Windows dual boot on my computer,
though! Is there a way to run that into a virtual machine?)


On Thu, Nov 17, 2016, 13:59 Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.net> wrote:

> I see this in test-run-program:
> #+(and sbcl os-windows)
> (leave-test "SBCL won't let us pass unquoted arguments to cmd.exe" 0)
> #-(and sbcl os-windows)
> (progn
>  (DBG "Testing echo ok 1 via run-program as a string")
>  (assert-equal "ok 1"
>                (dewindowize (run-program "echo ok 1" :output '(:string
> :stripped t)))))
> If we know that SBCL on Windows won't let us pass unquoted arguments to
> cmd.exe, should we raise a NOT-IMPLEMENTED-ERROR on that combination,
> and check for it in the test?
> Thanks,
> r
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