How to fix arnesi:clean-op.

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Wed May 11 13:48:31 UTC 2016

I think Faré's final point really gets to the nub of this issue:  how
worthwhile is it to have a CLEAN-OP, instead of having the user blow
away their fasl cache manually?

My guess is that the answer is that it's most valuable for novices, who
won't necessarily know where to find their caches.

The follow-up: is CLEAN-OP that necessary, given the cheapness of
storage and the presence of a working (to the best of my knowledge)
:FORCE argument to ASDF?

At any rate, I'd be happy to review and edit a proposed informal spec
for CLEAN-OP with an eye to its implementation.

If no one's willing to take a poke at writing a half-page about how
CLEAN-OP should work, I'm going to take that as a sign of weakness of


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