How to fix arnesi:clean-op.

Masaya Taniguchi ta2.gch at
Sun May 8 16:24:52 UTC 2016

Hi Budden!

I see I can only do that with shell or batch.

I would like to confirm, is it possible to create  new operation for ASDF 3.1 regardless of cleaning up .fasl files?

I googled, but there is no particular code to create new operation for an asdf manual but there is a section for creating a new operation at asdf manual. 

Could you tell me an example that just print "hello asdf", and it is named hello-op likes this Makefile

   echo "hello asdf"

Thank you for your telling.


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> On May 8, 2016, at 23:50, TANIGUCHI Masaya <ta2gch at> wrote:
> I want to do "make clean" on ASDF.
> I tried to use clean-op of ARNESI.
> I got a following message,
>   No dependency propagating scheme specified for operation class IT.BESE.ARNESI:CLEAN-OP.
> The class needs to be updated for ASDF 3.1 and specify appropriate propagation mixins.
> Definition of arnesi:clean-op is
> (defclass clean-op (asdf:operation)
>  ((for-op :accessor for-op :initarg :for-op :initform 'asdf:compile-op))
>  (:documentation "Removes any files generated by an asdf component."))
> (defmethod asdf:perform ((op clean-op) (c asdf:component))
>  "Delete all the output files generated by the component C."
>  (dolist (f (asdf:output-files (make-instance (for-op op)) c))
>    (when (probe-file f)
>      (delete-file f))))
> (defmethod asdf:operation-done-p ((op clean-op) (c asdf:component))
>  "Returns T when the output-files of (for-op OP) C don't exist."
>  (dolist (f (asdf:output-files (make-instance (for-op op)) c))
>    (when (probe-file f) (return-from asdf:operation-done-p nil)))
>  t)
> How to fix it?
> Thanks.
> ta2gch

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