Windows will no longer be supported by ASDF, or ASDF, Windows, Cygwin -- oh, my!

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Mon Mar 21 13:16:22 UTC 2016

On 3/20/16 Mar 20 -7:07 PM, Stas Boukarev wrote:

> Then I guess SBCL holding back on ASDF upgrades is a good strategy after all.
Actually, no.

The state of affairs on Windows is no worse than before.  My going back
to the shell-script based testing simply REVEALS that ASDF and UIOP have
never worked properly on Windows + Cygwin.  Nothing about that has
changed: if you run a CL implementation from inside Cygwin, it will
inherit a Cygwin environment.  Then RUN-PROGRAM will try to run local
programs using CMD.EXE, with an environment set up for Cygwin.  If
you're lucky, it might work.  But it's likely that the environment will
have bad pathnames in it, and your use of RUN-PROGRAM will fail.

Nothing there has changed.  The only thing that has changed about that
is that I have announced it.

So, no, a simple dragging of the feet will not fix this problem.

The only thing that will fix this problem will be for someone who cares
about Lisp on Windows to commit some time to helping me get ASDF to work
properly on Windows.

Meanwhile, not updating means that you will fail to see bug fixes like
the recent one that prevents ASDF from causing a stack overflow in the
presence of cycles in the file system (which can be created by symbolic
links, for example).  I have seen more than one bug report about this
from an SBCL user.

Don't kid yourself that there's an easy answer.


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