Windows tests

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Sun Mar 20 19:24:21 UTC 2016

I paused my experiments long enough to run the Windows experiments.

The tests *mostly* work, except for test-sysdef-asdf which fails as follows:

TEST ABORTED: Subprocess with command ("make.bat" "driver_files")
 exited with error code 1

AFAICT this just echoes a list of files that's hardcoded into make.bat:

uiop\package.lisp + uiop\common-lisp.lisp + uiop\utility.lisp +
uiop\os.lisp + uiop\pathname.lisp + uiop\filesystem.lisp + \
uiop\stream.lisp + uiop\image.lisp + uiop\run-program.lisp +
uiop\lisp-build.lisp + uiop\configuration.lisp +
uiop\backward-driver.lisp + u\

So I don't see why we are running the subprocess instead of hard-coding
the list of files into test-sysdef-asdf.

The test claims to be testing that the makefile and .asd agree on the
order of files, but it's not obvious how this happens.

For now I'm simply disabling this test on windows, but if I can do
something better than that, please LMK.


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