asdf version dependency

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Thu Mar 17 22:05:24 UTC 2016

On 3/17/16 Mar 17 -4:21 PM, Faré wrote:
> ASDF has restrictions on the version strings it accepts. It's OK to
> have restrictions on the naming conventions users may have. No, you
> can't have two divergent majorly incompatible libraries have the same
> name, be distinguished by version only, and expect the ASDF version
> system to help you. Just nope.

I strongly disagree.

If you know that a system will blow up with an inconsistent library
version, and you can save your users confusing and misleading error
messages by simply causing ASDF to cough up a clear error message
telling you that there is a version incompatibility, there is no reason
not to support that.  Not only is there no reason not to, it's outright
wrong not to.  It causes misery in users and produces no benefit.

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