Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Thu Mar 10 15:49:32 UTC 2016

On 3/9/16 Mar 9 -11:04 PM, Faré wrote:
> While testing some unrelated piece of software, I fired up Genera on
> my new laptop and checked that asdf works well enough to load
> fare-utils.

I believe we are about ready to release, but I'm still blocked on my
Windows test machine.  This is a VM that happens to be hosted on a
machine that is also used for running experiments.  Right now, I'm in
the middle of an experiment run that's likely to eat the whole week.

I'll try to squeak in some documentation fixes, etc. while waiting for
the machine to become available for Windows testing.  After that
happens, I expect to be able to move quickly to release 3.1.7.


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