Wildcard modules support

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 15:52:26 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Ricardo" == Ricardo  <rcn at lateralt.net> writes:

    Ricardo> The intended purpose of wild-module as defined in asdf-contrib is to
    Ricardo> specify a module composed of the set of files that match a glob
    Ricardo> pattern.

    Ricardo> For example:

    Ricardo> (defsystem "my-system"
    Ricardo> ...
    Ricardo> :components ((:file ...)
    Ricardo> ...
    Ricardo> (:wild-module "plugins"
    Ricardo> :pathname "plugins/*.lisp")))

    Ricardo> something like that, although the pathname specifier should rather be
    Ricardo> constructed in a platform-independent way.

While this probably works for something like plugins since they're
very likely independent, doesn't this fail if there are dependencies
between them?

For some projects I've done, I just did a simple emacs macro to get a
directory list and wrap appropriate (:file ...) around each of them.
That's easy.  The hard part is getting all the dependencies right so
that if you modify one file, asdf knows what files need to be loaded
first and also knows what files depend on this file.


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