Fixed performance bug in UIOP:DIRECTORY-FILES

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Mon Jun 13 16:43:16 UTC 2016

On 6/10/16 Jun 10 -8:41 PM, Faré wrote:
> I bumped ASDF to after I fixed a performance bug in
> directory-files that made it quadratic instead of linear, due to some
> remove-duplicates used for logical-pathnames.
> The fix was to only use this quadratic behavior for LPNs. If you use
> LPNs, you deserve to lose on large directories. LPNs are for legacy
> Lisp code with relatively few files, only.
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For whatever reason, on my Mac, this fails test-clean-load on lispworks.

But I'm not sure where the output of test clean load goes, so I don't
know what's going wrong.  There's no obvious bad output in

Running under make I get an error 65 for

make test-clean-load l=lispworks

Running -c lispworks

I get no output at all, but the exit code is 65.

Still investigating.

Possibly this is just some mess in my lispworks copy.

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