newbie setup question

Kambiz Darabi darabi at
Tue Jan 19 07:15:04 UTC 2016

On 2016-01-19 02:56 CET, Thomas Lynch <thomas.lynch at> wrote:

> For what it is worth, IMHO, at first blush, the *CENTRAL-REGISTRY*
> approach seems better as all the project code remains in the project.
> With the other approach one strangely puts (or links) the local
> project build file under a remote directory unrelated to the project. 

If you plan to have more than one project, you could also consider
putting them in ~/common-lisp, as that directory is automagically picked
up by asdf, as described in


and implemented at

For me, that's more than enough, but should you have more elaborate
needs, you can check the many options of configuring the locations to
find systems:



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