Where is cl-launch.asd?

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Mon Jan 11 13:53:11 UTC 2016

On 1/10/16 Jan 10 -11:38 PM, Faré wrote:
> cl-launch extracts the .asd file from cl-launch.sh, and thus doesn't
> include it in its git. Usually it's extracted by the Makefile's target
> source or install_source, but we try to keep the git checkout pristine
> except for the build/ directory (though, unhappily, test/ is also
> touched, and even the main asdf/ directory, by some test and release
> scripts).
> The asdf-tools script has its own defsystem "cl-launch/dispatch" to
> work around that.
> What are you trying to do? You may want to make -C ext/cl-launch
> source, or to emulate the defsystem used by asdf-tools.

Sorry about the last.  Wrestling with auto-correct on the iPad.

The error I got WAS from using the defsystem in asdf-tools, trying to
load asdf-tools into a CL REPL in SLIME.

When I try to do this cl-scripting/commands depends on
cl-launch/dispatch, which cannot be found by ASDF.

If an ASD file must be generated from the Makefile, then ASDF *must do
this without manual invocation of make*.  The whole claim of the
minimakefile was that the scripting could be moved to CL, and the
architecture of cl-launch seems to break this.

Will you please either fix cl-launch so that it can auto-run make, if
that's possible, or abandon the "pristine" git checkout?

Otherwise cl-launch foils the very intent of the minimakefile.

Thank you,


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> On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.net> wrote:
>> I tried to load the asdf tools interactively, under SLIME, and they fail
>> to launch, although everything seems to run from make.
>> I get this error:
>> Component "cl-launch/dispatch" not found, required by
>> #<PACKAGE-INFERRED-SYSTEM "cl-scripting/commands">
>> and, indeed:
>> ~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $ find . -name '*.asd'
>> ~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $
>> I see this:
>> ~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $ git status
>> HEAD detached at 220b8ca
>> nothing to commit, working directory clean
>> ~/lisp/asdf/ext/cl-launch $
>> Is this another oddity of git submodules?  Is the version of cl-launch
>> in our git repo not sufficiently up-to-date?
>> Actually, when I look at xcvb/cl-launch, there is no cl-launch.asd
>> there, either.
>> This is crippling my ability to fix 1532464

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