user-homedir-pathname on cmucl

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at
Sat Jan 9 21:23:45 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> writes:

    Robert> On 1/9/16 Jan 9 -3:13 AM, Raymond Toy wrote:
    >>>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Goldman
    >>>>>>> <rpgoldman at> writes:
    Robert> On 1/7/16 Jan 7 -10:44 PM, Raymond Toy wrote:
    >> >>>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Goldman
    >> >>>>>>> <rpgoldman at> writes:
    >> >>
    Robert> On 1/4/16 Jan 4 -11:48 AM, Raymond Toy wrote: OK, I just
    Robert> pushed with the fix for you.
    >> >>
    >> >> Hmm.  I just did a git pull --rebase, but only is
    >> >> available.
    >> >>
    >> >> Am I doing something wrong?
    Robert> I think so.  I just did a git pull (not rebase), and I now
    Robert> have Faré's
    Robert> on top of my
    >> Ok, AFAICT, I do have the code (from gitlab), and I can see the
    >> commit where you bumped to version to, but there's no
    >> tag for  There's one for and but not
    >> .8.
    >> I'll use for the next cmucl snapshot.

    Robert> Sorry; forgot the

    Robert> "git push origin" that's needed as part of bumping
    Robert> the revision.

    Robert> So the code went, but not the tag.

Yeah, I saw the commit logs.

    Robert> It seems wrong to have random tags as the versions used in
    Robert> implementations.  Wonder if I should run the full set of
    Robert> tests to bless this as 3.1.7.  Is there enough time for
    Robert> that?  There have been a reasonable number of bug fixes.

Too late. :-( I tagged the snapshot already.  Don't worry.  We try to
make sure the snapshots work, but don't guarantee it; they have been
broken a few times before.

Whenever you make a 3.1.7, I'll be sure to pick it up for the


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