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Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Mon Dec 12 19:36:37 UTC 2016

Robert Goldman writes:

> Currently pending for 3.2.0:
> !59
> Link objects only

This is a long-standing bug in ASDF misusing using ECL's builder. ECL
now will sanitize it in builder, so if its not merged, building in ASDF
may fail with an error in some cases (instead of producing not working

> !61
> Remove *load-system-operation*

This bug is introduced by enabling load-bundle-op by default on
ECL. Effectively it prevents from switching to bytecodes compiler at
runtime (i.e after loading ASDF) - ASDF uses wrong operation in that
case for loading.

MR removes the whole load operation switch interface (what fixes this
issue). @Fare: I see nothing controversial with it (i.e nothing to add
with the peer review).

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