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Tue Aug 23 12:35:04 UTC 2016

>>: Faré
>: Elias

>> 2- Similarly, when deciding what to do with internals (or even
>> externals), grep'ing the contents of quicklisp is good policy. Though
>> regarding external symbol, even if no one in quicklisp uses it, it's
>> good citizenship to go through a complete 2-year obsolescence cycle.
> The sources for every project on quicklisp? Is there a central repository that holds all of those, or a simple way to obtain them?
My system ql-test
provides a few utility functions that might prove useful.

>> 3- I find %if-on-lispworks7+ particularly ugly. I'd create a feature
>> and add it in common-lisp.lisp. But I admit this is a weak preference.
> Yes, I found it terribly ugly, too. I wasn’t aware that adding to *features* was something you’re allowed to do. I’ve now done that in
> and the code has ended up looking quite a bit nicer again, in particular because with #+ instead of macros I don’t need to use find-symbol* and (declare (ignore)) will work.
Yes, it is allowed, but with a lot of parcimony. I frown upon random
systems adding a feature to show they're present: that's bad practice
from before the time when defsystem was universal. But in some cases
(uiop/os, trivial-features, etc.), it's a way to provide a uniform
interface to the underlying implementation, and is therefore

> I’ve also pushed a fix for the LispWorks 6 warning in
> (thanks a lot to Robert for helping me debug that!).
Thanks to the two of you!

> If we can agree on Robert’s unsupported-functionality error class, I’ll work that into the merge request, too.
Yes, it's a good idea.

Sigh. I like to say that UIOP is a library that does literally nothing
-- but the same nothing uniformly on 15 different implementations. And
that's hard.

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