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On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 10:46 AM, Elias Pipping
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> Dear list,
> I've been meaning to find out what lisp compilers/interpreters are effectively supported
> by current ASDF, to the point where they pass `make test-lisp` without a single (potentially
> harmless error), such as those stemming e.g. from unexpected warnings.
> I’ve now gotten around to a bit of testing. For future reference, on a recent Linux, with
> ASDF, the answer is as follows:
> ABCL: 1.2.0 (2013-06-01) or later looks good(*)
> Allegro CL: 10.0 Express Edition looks good(**)
> CCL: 1.10 (2014-09-12) or later looks good(***)
> CLISP: 2.49 (2010-07-07) looks good; hg checkout segfaults in asdf-pathname-test.script
> CMUCL: 20e (2013-09-28) or later looks good(+)
> ECL: 16.0.0 (2015-08-28) or later looks good
> LispWorks: HobbyistDV/Professional/Enterprise edition of 7.0 (2015-05-05) would probably look good(++1)
> LispWorks: Professional edition of 6.1 (and presumably others) currently emit an unexpected warning(++2)
> MKCL: 1.1.9 hangs in test-try-refinding.script; git checkout looks good
> SBCL: 1.1.13 (2013-10-31) or later looks good(+++)
> (*) sys::concatenate-fasls requires 1.2.0 or later
> (**) 9.0 can no longer be downloaded so that I could not test with earlier versions
> (***) 1.9 and earlier are broken on recent versions of linux, see
> (+) 20c/20d has known CLOS issues.
> (++1) I do not have access to them, so I cannot say for sure. The Hobbyist and Personal edition
> lack application delivery and image saving functionality, respectively. The tests put those features
> to the test and currently fail if they’re unavailable.
> (++2) causing `make test-lisp` to fail; This started with ASDF; was fine.
> (+++) sb-debug:print-backtrace requires 1.1.5 or later, bundles require 1.1.13 or later
Great work! This table ought to be included in the index.html and/or
the asdf manual.

I admit I forgot which CLOS issues CMUCL had; probably class
redefinition issues.

If the LispWorks 6 issues can be easily fixed, it would be nice to do
so: apparently, the personal edition is still 6.1.1 only, not 7.0. I
don't think we should support LispWorks 5 or earlier, that seem not to
be supported by LispWorks anymore. If you are the new UIOP maintainer
(which you seem to be at the moment, but you might not want to own it
going forward), then you should contact lisp-support at and
request a license for testing, which in my experience they will
happily provide and renew yearly.

PS: For Drew who inquired about cl-test-grid, it intentionally tests
with many versions of SBCL, some of which use the antique ASDF 2.26
from Quicklisp, that can't build a lot of more recent systems. The
latest SBCL doesn't sport the latest ASDF, but something like 3.1.5.
Sad. The cl-test-grid author is very friendly to testing with recent
versions of ASDF, and may or may not have some permanent platform that
uses the latest ASDF release and/or the latest ASDF master in its list
-- if not, we should ask him to add it (presumably with SBCL and/or

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