Question about UIOP: Any reason GET-TEMPORARY-FILE couldn't be exported?

Elias Pipping pipping.elias at
Mon Aug 22 21:00:33 UTC 2016

> On 22 Aug 2016, at 22:47, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:
> ACL offers a functionality like this with its make-temp-file-name and
> make temp file.
> I'd love to have a portable version that would, for example, make
> temporary files that could be used as arguments in RUN-PROGRAM.
> Is there any reason this could not be exported?

Dear Robert,

get-temporary-file is just an a very simple wrapper around with-temporary-file,
which is already exported. What you can e.g. already do(*) is use

  (with-temporary-file … (%run-program :output … :wait t))


  (with-temporary-file (… :keep t) (%run-program :output … :wait nil))

That’s a pretty nice interface, I find (the implementation is another matter).
Do you find it too verbose?


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