SBCL support [Was: Re: Towards release 3.1.6]

Faré fahree at
Sun Oct 11 17:14:52 UTC 2015

On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:
> On 10/10/15 Oct 10 -10:26 AM, Faré wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 11:06 AM, Anton Vodonosov <avodonosov at> wrote:
>>> If you are interested, this version of ASDF fails on SBCL 1.0.58:
>>> ; caught ERROR:
>>> ;   READ error during COMPILE-FILE:
>>> ;
>>> ;     Symbol "PRINT-BACKTRACE" not found in the SB-DEBUG package.
>>> ;
>>> ;       Line: 4307, Column: 29, File-Position: 210191
>>> ;
>>> ;       Stream: #<SB-SYS:FD-STREAM
>>> ;                 for "file /home/testgrid/quicklisp-asdf3/asdf.lisp" {ADDDA29}>
>> Apparently, the first release that include PRINT-BACKTRACE is 1.1.5
>> from February 2013.
>> I'll let Robert decide whether it's OK to drop support for SBCL
>> releases older than that.
>> I'd weakly vote "yes, it's OK to stop supporting things more than 2
>> years old", but that's just me.
> I agree.  I believe that it's appropriate.  I'd be willing to see us
> drop support for the 1.1.x series, for that matter.  IMO it's easier to
> keep track of "1.1 is unsupported" than try to remember which monthly
> release in particular is unsupported.  Agreeable policy?
> Question for someone more knowledgeable: is there a brief explanation of
> the difference between 1.1 and 1.2 SBCLs?  What triggered the bump of
> minor version?
Considering that the propagation latency for ASDF itself is about 2
years, it might be a bad idea
to drop support for things that are only a bit over a year old (sbcl
1.1.18, last in the series).
That said, it's true that SBCL upgrades ASDF about every year, so that
makes more sense. Still.
I would say that 2 year old is probably a better rule of thumb.

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