Towards release 3.1.6

Faré fahree at
Wed Oct 7 01:05:37 UTC 2015

With the sbcl/windows regression on uiop:run-program fixed (1),
and the lib-op and monolithic-lib-op features reasonably implemented
on all implementations beyond ECL & co (though requiring a CFFI patch),
I believe we're all set for ASDF 3.1.6.

Anton, do you have time to make a test run of cl-test-grid?

If some of you believe the C linking features should (or shouldn't) be included
in this release (or the next one), now is the time to voice your opinion.
It's 300 to 400 more lines of code — or 800 if we splurge and merge in
most of lisp-invocation as we go instead of special-casing it.

(1) A real fix requires fixing SBCL.

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