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Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Thu Oct 1 12:34:20 UTC 2015


Sorry that it's just before the next release. I have some regressions
with fix provided to make test-xach-update-bug pass when it comes to
working with C code (fix randomizes names which must be predetermined
from the C side perspective) so I'm taking that back for now - please
don't make bundles the default. I hope to find a viable solution before
next ECL release.

Current develop head doesn't pass this test.

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Faré writes:

> Dear Daniel, dear Jean-Claude,
> when asdf-ecl was initially written, its load-fasl-op was intended
> as the default way to load a system. Because of implementation bugs
> revealed as ASDF improved its testing, this feature was disabled at
> some point while developing ASDF 3.1. Now that these implementation
> bugs seem to have been solved, for both ECL and MKCL, the question is:
> do you guys want me to make load-bundle-op (as it is now named)
> the default *load-system-operation* on ECL and/or MKCL?
> And if so, what test shall I use or not use in determining whether
> the implementation is recent enough to use this feature without bug?
> I suppose it's better to check against a recent version of ECL that I can test
> against this feature than over an older version that may or may not work.
> This is probably not a change that should happen in 3.1.6,
> but probably shortly afterwards.
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