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Faré fare at
Tue May 26 19:15:00 UTC 2015

> On Tue, May 26, 2015, 12:20 Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at> wrote:
>> About holding the release briefly while I negotiate with Xach about
>> metadata?
>> Xach is starting to make QL complain about systems missing AUTHOR,
>> DESCRIPTION, and LICENSE.  I'm pushing for VERSION, as well.
>> I was thinking of adding a new class of STYLE-WARNING for systems that
>> are missing that metadata.
>> Given that it's hard to get ASDF versions into implementations, I'm
>> considering holding on this briefly.
>> I'll put in a topic branch for this.
>> cheers,
>> r
As I'm editing my systems to include the requested metadata, I realize that
this can be quite cumbersome for secondary systems (mostly test systems).

Can we exempt secondary systems "foo/bar" from having to repeat
the metadata from primary system "foo"?

And what if the test system is call foo-test in its own .asd file?
Does he then have to repeat the metadata?

While I like the idea, I think we shouldn't hurry and release something
before we have figured out those details.

Once again, I feel like we should release what we have as 3.1.5,
and start a new 3.2.0 alpha branch where we merge our experimental code.

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