UIOP documentation?

edgar edgar-rft at web.de
Wed May 6 08:11:30 UTC 2015

> Faré wrote:
> > Robert, could you make website from master? And/or release. Many
> > links are broken by the gitlab.common-lisp.net update.
> I just did that, and was able to follow the link to README.md for
> Please LMK if you (or anyone else) has trouble getting at that file.

On the ASDF Project page on common-lisp.net:



* What it is
  ** uiop
     at the end of the second paragraph: See its README.

The README link directs me to:


what gives me an HTTP error:

  404 - The resource you were looking for doesn't exist

The correct link is:


The only problem is that the ".md" at the end is missing.

- edgar

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