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DJ jakep at
Tue Mar 24 04:03:30 UTC 2015

Many thanks.

On 15-03-23 11:48 PM, Robert P. Goldman wrote:
> Robert P. Goldman wrote:
>> DJ wrote:
>>> Thanks, Robert.
>>> I can find the latest manual, of course, on the asdf website. And I
>>> know that I am running asdf 3.1.3, which comes with ccl 1.10-r16196.
>>> (Clozure does not, as far as I can tell, supply a manual.)
>>> I always use the pdf version. Just a personal prefence - I dislike
>>> html manuals. I also tend to print such manuals out (I know, I know -
>>> very old school). Anyway, that makes it easy to get out of sync.
>>> What I am thinking is that it might be useful for the manual to
>>> contain an indication of the version of asdf that it pertains to. As,
>>> for example in the GNU Make manual, which has on the title page "GNU
>>> make Version 4.1". Perhaps an indication of this is already there in
>>> the manual, but I can't spot it.
>> I'm not an expert on Texinfo, but I think we can figure out a way to have it get @value{VERSION} from the make scripts, and then we can put that in as a subtitle.
>> I'll keep you posted.
> OK, I have pushed a patch that will put the version numbers into the
> ASDF texinfo manual.
> The makefile for this uses a horrible snippet of perl, but I don't know
> a substitute.  I am open to replacements.
> good night, all,
> r

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