Test failures on Windows

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Tue Jun 23 18:42:41 UTC 2015

I'm having some real oddities testing on Windows.  Attached is a roster
of the implementations for which I see test failures -- the Allegro
variants and clisp.

Two oddities:

1. I do not get verbose output showing what happens when the tests fail.
 Critical information is missing from the logfiles.  I suspect that the
test script assumes that standard output is redirectable in some way
that it is not on Windows.  See allegro-test.txt which is attached.  Any
idea how to get the lisp output?  Any chance that REDIRECT-OUTPUTS
function from script-support.lisp does not work on Allegro + Windows?

2. I get fewer failures running one test at a time than running them all
in make.

Allegro testing reported the following:

Using g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp
Ran 56 tests:
  52 passing and 4 failing
failing test(s):  test-encodings.script test-program.script
test-try-refinding.script test-utilities.script

But when I run the tests individually, only test-program and
test-utilities failed.  The other two tests succeeded.

I have rarely seen something like this before in make on Unix variants
due to not cleaning up the filesystem, but never in such a wholesale way.


Trying not to be a Unix bigot, but failing....


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allegro-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegro8-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegro8_64-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegro8_64_s-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegro8_s-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegro_64-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegro_64_s-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegro_s-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegromodern-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegromodern8-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegromodern8_64-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegromodern8_64_s-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegromodern8_s-test.text:309:  53 passing and 3 failing
allegromodern_64-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegromodern_64_s-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
allegromodern_s-test.text:315:  52 passing and 4 failing
clisp-test.text:6711:  50 passing and 6 failing
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ASDF_TEST_LISPS=allegro allegro8 allegromodern allegromodern8 allegro_s allegro8_s allegromodern_s allegromodern8_s allegro_64 allegro8_64 allegromodern_64 allegromodern8_64 allegro_64_s allegro8_64_s allegromodern_64_s allegromodern8_64_s clisp
g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp +c -q -batch -e "(or\`,#.(load(string\`|script-support.lisp|))#.(asdf-test::compile-asdf-script))"
Compiled OK
Testing: test-utilities.script
g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp +c -q -batch -e "'(#.(load(string'|script-support.lisp|))#.(asdf-test::load-asdf)#.(asdf-test::frob-packages)#.(asdf-test:run-test-script'|test-utilities.script|))"
Using g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp, test-utilities.script failed
you can retry compilation with:
./test/run-tests.sh allegro test-utilities.script
or more interactively (and maybe with rlwrap or in emacs), start with:
(cd test ; g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp -q )
then copy/paste:
'(#.(load "script-support.lisp") #.(asdf-test::da) #.(load-asdf) #.(frob-packages) #.(asdf::with-asdf-cache () (load "test-utilities.script")))

Using g:/windows/allegro/32/non-smp/alisp
Ran 1 tests: 
  0 passing and 1 failing
failing test(s):  test-utilities.script

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