Almost there

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Tue Jul 14 23:52:24 UTC 2015

On 7/14/15 Jul 14 -6:04 PM, Attila Lendvai wrote:
>> I'm inclined to remove the export of *IMMUTABLE-SYSTEMS*.  It hasn't
>> been used in a released version of ASDF AFAIK, so it seems benign to
>> remove it.
> isn't that also the case for REGISTER-IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM?
> if that export sticks in the release then it'll be a headache down the
> road (assuming that it is indeed an unfortunate name and not just my
> lone opinion).

How would people feel about keeping REGISTER-IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM now (so as
not to break existing Genworks code), with it becoming deprecated later?
 We would immediately put in IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM-P, as Attila suggests, as
a the permanent name?


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